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Studio A & Studio B are both available for booking. Thanks to our expert build, we can accommodate clients in both studios with no interference.


Studio A

The build and gear featured in studio A rival major studios found in Nashville, LA, or NYC.

You'll find our SSL 948 console, custom ATC speakers, Neve preamps, and more in our control room.


Our live room consists of a spacious main room and two isolation booths. This space is ideal for full bands and can also accommodate your video needs as well.


Featured in our live room is a J. Elliot & Co. custom Yamaha C7. This piece was customized for Burnt Orange by Justin Elliot. Justin's other clients include Elton John, Alicia Keys, John Legend and Prince (to name a few).

photo feb 01 2022, 11 03 28 am (1).jpg

Studio B

Studio B was built specifically with our audiobook and ADR voiceover clients in mind. Every aspect of our room - from the double doors to the multi-layered floor - was constructed to block out all external sounds for your session. All lights can be customized to create your preferred vibe.


Our work in this room has appeared on NBC, Fox, AMC, Spotify Studios, Apple News, Penguin Random House, EA Sports, Ubisoft, and more. 

photo feb 01 2022, 11 03 28 am (1).jpg
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