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Described as a "hidden gem", our studio surpasses client's expectations on professionalism, quality, and experience.  Burnt Orange combines vintage and boutique gear in a cozy setting made warm by our handmade wooden diffusers. We harness the sound of analog with our 2 inch tape machine or through mastering grade converters into Pro Tools 12. Record on world class microphones by Neumann, DPA and AKG. Contact us to set up a time for your recording session today!



Do you want to hear your tracks through thousands of dollar of sought after analog gear?  Work with our experienced team to realize your unique sound. Together we’ll collaborate throughout the entire production process to develop a final recording you are proud of, fans will be eager to buy and can be used to book gigs. Contact us to start mixing today.



Do you want your mixes loud, clear, and consistent? We offer in-house mastering for all projects recorded or mixed at Burnt Orange.  Have recordings from another studio or an old demo you've been sitting on for a while?  We master those too. 


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