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Why Burnt Orange?


Studios are often named for their location (Abbey Road, Sunset Sound, etc.) and Burnt Orange is no different.


 Tropicana Orange Juice was founded in Bradenton and the original factory sits five minutes up the road from our original studio.  For decades, the juicing process has produced a well known aroma in the surrounding cities as what can be described as only one thing - "burnt orange".  You could often smell the infamous Tropicana smell at our original location but you can still catch it at our new location in Sarasota, too.

What kind of recording programs do you operate with?


Burnt Orange primarily uses Pro Tools.  We also support OMF files.  Stem files can be easily transfered between DAWs in a .wav file and then uploaded to the program of your choice.

Why record at a professional studio when my friend has Pro-tools in his living room?


You have spent hours upon hours writing, composing, and rehearsing your material.  The recording captures all of that hard work and is often the first impression people will have of you.  Skimping on the evidence of your hard work and dedication makes no sense.


A professional studio will give you quality audio to accurately represent you.  Our engineers have studied and continue to study both music and audio engineering.  We have up to date and high quality tools and equipment at our disposal.  Our beautiful live room has been custom fitted with wooden diffusers to give you that perfect sound.  While you were perfecting your skills and material, we were perfecting ours.

Is the studio available for tours?


Yes.  Please call 941.309.7432 to schedule a tour as our tours are by appointment only.

Are you currently hiring?


We have an open door policy for independent audio engineers to use our facilities for their own projects.  Please contact for more information specific to your project.


We are not currently hiring but thank you for your inquiry.  Please check back for employment opportunities at a later date.

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